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Whittington Heath Golf Course


John Greasly Ltd


Lichfield, Staffordshire

In Lichfield, Staffordshire, UKScrapers collaborated with John Greasly Ltd on a project as part of the HS2 Enabling works. Our role was to handle the earthworks required to relocate eight holes of Whittington Heath golf course to accommodate the future path of HS2.

The project began with the careful removal and stockpiling of approximately 25,000㎥ of topsoil for future re-spreading. Following the design provided by John Greasly Ltd, we utilised GPS technology to excavate approximately 95,000㎥ of earth. This involved creating ponds and adjusting ground levels to generate sufficient fill material for constructing and shaping the new eight-hole course.

We meticulously deposited the excavated earth in layers and performed rough shaping, laying the groundwork for John Greasly Ltd to carry out the final sculpting, piping, and other civil engineering aspects. The collaboration between UKScrapers and John Greasly Ltd ensured the successful completion of the project.This project highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality earthworks and working in close partnership with our clients. The successful outcome is a testament to the collaborative efforts of all involved parties.

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