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Brackenborough Arms Hotel Expansion


CLS Civil Engineering


Cordeaux, Louth

In Louth, England, CLS Civil Engineering enlisted UKScrapers to facilitate the earthworks for an expansion project behind the Brackenborough Arms Hotel, extending the holiday lodges. The scope of the project was substantial, beginning with UKScrapers' initial task of stripping and stockpiling approximately 17,000㎥ of topsoil.

The next phase involved the excavation of two large ponds and the alteration of on-site levels involving 20,000㎥ to create designated areas for the lodge bases. Guided by the design provided by CLS, UKScrapers meticulously excavated, spread, and compacted the land to the specified requirements to produce the solid foundations for the lodges. Additionally, the footprints for the roads surrounding the site were excavated.


In conclusion, UKScrapers collaborated with CLS Civil Engineering to efficiently execute the earthworks for the expansion project behind the Brackenborough Arms Hotel in Louth. Working closely together, we contributed our expertise in excavation, land preparation, and compaction to support CLS in extending the holiday lodges. We commend CLS for their exceptional civil engineering work and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of their project. This successful collaboration highlights our commitment to delivering high-quality earthworks solutions and we look forward to continued partnership with CLS on future endeavours

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