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Kirkella Housing Development


Connaught Construction


Kirkella, Hull

In Kirk Ella, Hull, UKScrapers collaborated with Connaught Construction Ltd on an important project for Bellway Homes Ltd, a well-established national house builder. This project marked the initial phase of the earthworks for a new development located off Great Gutter Lane (West), which aimed to accommodate approximately 200 homes.

Our role commenced with thorough site clearance and a meticulous topsoil strip, encompassing an estimated 18,000 cubic meters. The excavated topsoil was strategically stockpiled to ensure its proper management. Subsequently, we progressed to the first phase of the earthworks, where our team expertly excavated around 20,000 cubic meters of clay. Leveraging GPS technology, we meticulously shaped

the plots and established the road footprint with precision.



With a strong focus on quality and compliance with industry standards, we ensured the careful spreading of fill material in layers and its subsequent compaction. Collaborating closely with Connaught Construction Ltd, who oversaw the necessary CBR testing, we established a cohesive approach that facilitated their seamless progression. This allowed them to efficiently lay roads and install essential infrastructure, such as pipes and footings as the project moved forward.

By successfully completing site clearance, topsoil stripping, and the initial phase of earthworks, UKScrapers played a vital role in supporting Connaught Construction Ltd's subsequent tasks. The partnership between our teams fostered effective coordination and a commitment to delivering results in a timely manner.

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