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Bingham Reservoir


BSH Remediation LTD


Bingham, Nottingham

UKScrapers is proud to have undertaken this mammoth Project, which was for BSH Remediation LTD. The scope of the project was massive, with over 310,000 cubic metres of earth moved, including 100,000 cubic metres of topsoil and 210,000 cubic metres of subsoil. The goal was to construct a reservoir that would correct the 1 in 1000 year flood plain in the area, which required excavating the earth from the reservoir and using it to construct a dam and correct the levels in the surrounding flood plains.

The surrounding fields had major floods every 20 years, we used the excavated subsoil from the reservoir and surrounding areas to correct this by lifting the levels on average 2m, making it possible for an ambitious housing development of over 1000 homes. The works were completed within an impressive 20-week program, and the reservoir was constructed with a 100,000 m3 void capacity to accommodate a one in a thousand-year flood. All the work associated with the construction of the reservoir was regulated by the Reservoirs Act.

Once the excavation and profiling of the reservoir was completed, we used GPS technology to trim around 250,000㎡ of area over the reservoir and surrounding areas all to within a 20mm tolerance. Around 85,000 cubic metres of topsoil was also re-spread and trimmed again using GPS. Our company also had the pleasure of working with some amazing subcontractors, with VA Services deserving a special mention for their incredible work in assisting with the earthmoving program.

Throughout the project, UKscrapers remained committed to delivering the best possible outcome for its client. The project was not without its challenges, including the coordination of a vast team of subcontractors, a layer of silty clay that made the use of heavy machinery nearly impossible and the need to adhere to strict regulatory requirements. However, UKscrapers was able to overcome these obstacles through its experience, expertise, and commitment to excellence.

In conclusion, the BSH Remediation LTD contract was a significant milestone for UKscrapers. Our company was able to demonstrate the ability to undertake large-scale, complex projects and deliver outstanding results. The project was completed on time and within budget, and the end result was profiled areas for over 1000 new homes and a reservoir that will serve as an essential piece of infrastructure for the surrounding area for many years to come.

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