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Gateway 36 Industrial Units visit 2


Howard Civil Engineering 


Rockingham, Barnsley

For Visit Two of the Gateway 36 project, UKScrapers returned to the site, this time working on a plot of land across the road from the initial phase. Once again, we collaborated with Howard Civil Engineering LTD, continuing our efforts to support the development led by Harworth Group.

Our first task involved preparing the site for the upcoming earthworks. Under the guidance of Howards, we undertook comprehensive site clearance and ensured all necessary preparations were in place. Following this, we embarked on the topsoil stripping phase, carefully removing approximately 25,000 cubic meters of topsoil. The stripped topsoil was then thoughtfully stockpiled, ready for future use or disposal.

The subsequent stage involved multiple excavations across the site, with our team utilising GPS technology to achieve precise levels. These excavations served various purposes, including the creation of a pond and the formation of multiple reduced levels. By carefully managing these excavations, we generated a substantial surplus of material amounting to approximately 70,000 cubic meters. This surplus material was skilfully mounded up and stockpiled, forming a large surcharge heap.

The purpose of this heap was to apply significant weight to the ground, allowing it to settle and stabilise over time. The intention was to prevent any potential collapse resulting from old mine workings and shafts. Once the mound was meticulously levelled and completed, it was left undisturbed for a period of two months, during which it underwent the settling process.

Our role in Phase Two of the Gateway 36 project focused on critical site preparation, topsoil stripping, and the creation of the surcharge heap. By working closely with Howard Civil Engineering LTD, we contributed to the successful progression of the development, ensuring necessary Earthworks were undertaken with precision and attention to detail.

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