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Ness Farm Environmental Project


Ness Hall Farm 


Ness hall, Nunnington

In Ness Hall Farm, East Ness, North Yorkshire, UKScrapers embarked on a remarkable project. The farm owner approached UKScrapers to help create a stunning nature reserve on his property. The project encompassed five interconnected fields adjacent to the Holbeck River, which regularly flooded and rendered the fields inaccessible.

Following a meticulously designed plan by consulting engineers working on behalf of Ness Hall Farm, UKScrapers deployed fuel-efficient, low ground pressure machines to construct ponds, swales, flat plains, and scrapes, precisely engineered to provide an ideal habitat for nesting birds and other wildlife species. These carefully crafted features were aimed at enhancing the biodiversity and creating a harmonious environment for local fauna.

Moreover, excavated materials were utilised to create a flood bund, serving the dual purpose of preventing river water from inundating nearby fields and maintaining water levels within the nature reserve to foster swamp areas. This strategic design created by Ness Hall ensured the preservation of the reserve's integrity throughout the year.

The whole project was completed on time and involved moving approximately 70,000 cubic meters of earth. In addition to the ponds and swales, we also constructed mounds and water channels to manage floodwaters and further enhance the ecological value of the reserve.

The Ness Hall Farm project was a collaborative effort where UKScrapers provided earthworks expertise to support the creation of a thriving nature reserve. Working closely with Ness Hall Farm, we prepared the site, enabling them to take the lead in managing and maintaining the project. Our contribution reflects our commitment to environmental conservation and our dedication to supporting our clients' goals.

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