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Caddick Construction


Thurnscoe, Barnsley

Thurnscoe Housing site 

Caddick Civil Engineering Ltd enlisted the services of UKScrapers for a housing site project situated in Thurnscoe, Barnsley, England. The project commenced with the meticulous stripping of approximately 12,000 cubic metres of topsoil, which was thoughtfully stockpiled in designated areas for future use or removal from the site.

With the topsoil management successfully completed, UKScrapers embarked on two simultaneous tasks to expedite progress. One team focused on excavating the road footprint, while efficiently stockpiling the generated materials for later removal from the site. Meanwhile, another UKScrapers team utilised GPS technology to excavate and shape a medium-sized pond and a larger runoff channel.

The project posed stringent time constraints, but UKScrapers rose to the occasion, demonstrating our commitment to meeting deadlines and adhering to the project's budgetary constraints. With our expertise in earthmoving operations and the utilisation of GPS technology, UKScrapers successfully accomplished the excavation tasks within the allotted time frame, contributing to the smooth progression of the project.

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