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Professional Group LTD


Beverly, Hull.

Beverly Remediation site 

UKscrapers, employed by Professional Group Ltd, undertook a significant land remediation project at an old tip site where the remains of two demolished schools had been discarded. The primary objective was to remediate the land and prepare it for future use.

Equipped with GPS technology, UKscrapers deployed its bulldozers and excavators to dig through the site. The first step involved the removal and stockpiling of any contaminated or oversized materials. Careful excavation was carried out until reaching the original ground level. At this point, the clay from the original ground was excavated and engineered to create the road footprints.

To ensure the site's stability and meet regulatory requirements, areas outside of the roads were backfilled with suitable site-won materials. The backfilling process was done meticulously, adhering to a strict testing regime implemented by Professional Group. UKscrapers meticulously compacted the backfilled materials in layers, ensuring their proper compaction and stability.

Throughout the project, approximately 18,000 cubic metres of remediated material were handled. This involved excavating the contaminated and oversized materials and replacing them with suitable backfill materials. In addition, around 5,000 cubic metres of clay were used for constructing the roads, providing a solid foundation for future infrastructure.

A significant aspect of the project was the removal of approximately 1,800 cubic metres of oversized and contaminated material. This crucial step ensured the site's safety and compliance with environmental standards.

The collaboration between UKscrapers and Professional Group was instrumental in the successful execution of the project. Both teams worked closely together, adhering to the highest industry standards and regulations. The diligent use of GPS technology allowed for precise excavation and accurate engineering of the road footprints.

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