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TK Linskey Ltd


South Emsall, Wakefield 

South Emsall Industrial Park

TK Linskey Excavations entrusted UKScrapers with a significant project located in South Emsall, Wakefield, England. The scope of the job encompassed the precise stripping and strategic stockpiling of approximately 20,000 cubic metres of topsoil across a vast area. The careful placement of the topsoil stockpiles ensured their future reuse or appropriate disposal.

Leveraging our GPS technology, UKScrapers embarked on the excavation and filling of specific areas to establish two expansive plateaus. These plateaus would serve as the sturdy foundations for two large industrial units, catering to the needs of a prominent online e-commerce retailer. Throughout the meticulous excavation process, a substantial balancing pond was also created, designed to effectively capture and manage future water runoff from the site's pipes and drains.

To achieve the desired levels for the plateaus, approximately 40,000 cubic metres of subsoil sourced from the pond excavation and other areas were utilised. This efficient repurposing of excavated subsoil exemplified UKScrapers' ability to work in tandem with TK Linskey Excavations.


The completion of the project marked another achievement for UKScrapers, solidifying our reputation as a reliable and proficient partner in the construction industry. Through meticulous topsoil management, precise excavation, and collaborative efforts with TK Linskey Excavations, UKScrapers played a vital role in the creation of the foundation for the industrial units and the establishment of the balancing pond, contributing to the overall success of the venture.

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