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Kirkella Housing Visit 2


Connaught Construction


Kirkella, Hull

In Kirk Ella, Hull, UKScrapers returned for a second visit to continue our collaboration with Connaught Construction. This time, it was phase two of the earthworks project in the field situated directly behind phase one. Having already removed the topsoil during our initial visit, we relied on Connaught's precise GPS model to excavate specific areas of both made ground and virgin ground. The excavated material, primarily clay, was then utilised to construct road footprints and plots.

The deposition process involved carefully layering the material in 200mm increments, followed by rigorous compaction to ensure optimal stability. Once the basic design was established and compacted, a GPS-equipped bulldozer was employed to sculpt the plots and roads, adding a touch of precision to the project. We were also given the opportunity of enhancing the compacted road surface by adding a 450mm layer of 6f2/5 stone imported by Connaughts. This additional layer not only served as a base for the roads but also facilitated better access throughout the site. 

In conclusion, UKScrapers worked closely with Connaught Construction on the Kirk Ella project, aiming to support and enhance their civil engineering efforts. Our efficient execution of the earthworks, precise excavation, and compaction services were instrumental in facilitating Connaught's work. We commend Connaught for their expertise and active role as the main contractor, driving the project's success. We look forward to continuing our work together to deliver outstanding results.

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