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City Fields Pumping Station


Howard Civil Engineering


City Fields, Wakefield

In the vibrant area of City Fields, Wakefield, Howard Civil Engineering Ltd undertook an important project involving the installation of deep pipe work for a pumping station. However, a unique challenge arose as the pipeline route coincided with overhead power lines. To ensure safety and comply with regulations, Howard Civil Engineering Ltd required a solution that would allow them to excavate the necessary depth while maintaining a safe working distance from the power lines.

Because of our ability to work under most power lines our team was tasked with excavating a wide working area over the footprint of the pipeline, reducing ground levels by approximately 2.5 meters. This strategic excavation created a safe and spacious environment for Howard Civil Engineering Ltd to deploy their excavators and carry out the pipe installation with confidence.

By providing ample working room and maintaining the required safe distances from the power lines, UKScrapers played a crucial role in facilitating the smooth progress of Howard Civil Engineering Ltd's operations. The collaborative effort between our teams ensured the successful execution of the project, enabling the installation of the deep piping for the pumping station in City Fields.

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