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CLS Civil Engineering


Flamborough, Bridlington 

Flamborough Holiday Park

UKscrapers was entrusted by CLS Engineering Ltd to undertake a challenging project in Flamborough, situated near the coast. The scope of the job involved the removal and stockpiling of approximately 17,000 cubic metres of topsoil, as well as the excavation of a sizeable reservoir.

The excavation process yielded around 72,000 cubic metres of material, which was carefully utilised, under the guidance of GPS technology, to create plots for new caravan spaces. This development served as an extension to an existing holiday park, catering to the growing demand for additional accommodation options.

To ensure the integrity and stability of the constructed plots, UKscrapers implemented a rigorous testing regime set by CLS Engineering Ltd. The material was compacted in layers, adhering to industry standards and specifications. The expertise and experience of the UKscrapers team played a vital role in achieving the desired compaction levels.

One of the significant challenges faced during the project was adverse weather conditions. However, UKscrapers overcame these obstacles by utilising low ground pressure machines that were specially designed to minimise the impact on the ground. The combination of these machines and our team's extensive experience enabled the project to stay on track, remaining within the allocated budget and meeting the established timeline.

The successful completion of the Flamborough project highlights UKscrapers' commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship, even in challenging environments. By efficiently managing the excavation, stockpiling, and utilisation of materials, UKscrapers contributed to the development of additional caravan spaces, enhancing the capacity of the holiday park

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