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Boddington Hall Sports Centre




Lawnswood, Leeds

At Lawnswood in Leeds, UKScrapers collaborated with EWSL Ltd on the development of the Bodington Hall cycle track and sports fields. The project encompassed the creation of four sports fields and a one-mile-long cycle track.

Our work began with the removal and stockpiling of approximately 15,000㎥ of topsoil for future use. Using GPS technology, we excavated around 20,000㎥ of earth and deposited it in 200mm layers, ensuring proper compaction. EWSL conducted CBR tests to verify the compaction quality.

These excavations and filling processes formed the foundation for the track and pitches. We meticulously carved out the design for the track and sports fields, following the specified plans. Precision and accuracy were maintained throughout the project.To complete the development, we applied stone to the cycle track, providing a durable base for further surfacing. The sports fields were levelled with meticulous attention, and topsoil was evenly spread to create optimal playing surfaces.

The collaborative efforts between UKScrapers and EWSL Ltd resulted in the successful realisation of the Bodington Hall cycle track and sports fields. The project showcases our commitment to delivering high-quality workmanship and contributing to the enhancement of recreational facilities.

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