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BSH Remediation Ltd


Worksop, Sheffield 

Worksop Housing Development

UKScrapers were engaged by BSH Remediation Ltd for a significant project located in Worksop, Nottinghamshire, England. The objective of the job was to extend an existing housing development, which encompassed the construction of over 300 new homes.

The initial phase of the project involved the careful stripping of approximately 19,000 cubic metres of topsoil from the site. Half of this topsoil was expertly stockpiled for future use, while the remaining 10,000 cubic metres were strategically spread across a field situated over 1.5 kilometres away. UKScrapers demonstrated its capability to efficiently move excavated soils over long distances, offering a cost-effective solution to the project.

Following the topsoil management, the focus shifted to the excavation, hauling, spreading, and compaction of approximately 30,000 cubic metres of sandy subsoil. This process adhered to a rigorous CBR testing regime put in place by BSH, ensuring optimal compaction and stability. With the aid of GPS technology, UKScrapers meticulously formed new plots within a remarkable 10mm tolerance, allowing for precise positioning of the future homes.

The project in Worksop showcased UKScrapers' ability to execute large-scale earthmoving operations with precision and efficiency. The strategic management of topsoil and the successful handling of sandy subsoil highlighted our company's commitment to delivering high-quality results.

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