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U.K Scrapers can offer complete earthworks solutions from initial site clearance, bulk earthworks through to landscape and seeding, preparation of sub grade /sub base to receive wearing course along with detailed surveying to ensure accuracy.


We have gained considerable knowledge within the following sectors.

Civil Engineering

Housing Plots and Roads, River Diversions, Retail Parks, Building Site Preparation, Balancing Ponds, Landscaping, Flood Plain Restoration.


Sports field construction, Golf Course Construction, Leisure Parks and Facilities, Ponds/Fishing lakes, Mototrack regeneration/construction. 


 Large Scale Wildlife Habitat Construction/Regeneration, Flood Defence Earthworks,  Site Restoration. 


Large Units, Opencast Mining – Overburden Strip and Slag Heap Regeneration, industrial Parks, Factories, Landfill cell construction and capping – Domestic, Hazardous, inert waste.


Brownfield Regeneration, Soil Stabilisation, Full Site Turnovers, Screening/Crushing.

Our Services

Our Green Credentials

One of the biggest issues facing all of us in our world today is climate change.

Various hypotheses for human-induced climate change have been argued for many years though, generally, the scientific debate has moved on from skepticism to a scientific consensus on climate change that human activity is the probable cause for the rapid changes in world climate in the past several decades.

Consequently, the debate has largely shifted onto ways to reduce further human impact and to find ways to adapt to change that has already occurred.


Of most concern in these anthropogenic factors is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel combustion and there are most definitely incentives in place for companies that can demonstrate a significant reduction in the usage of such fuels.

UKS can demonstrate fuel savings of up to 48% against our competitors via data collected during previous contracts and through research, will seek to benefit from any incentives available to us. Furthermore, our existing and potential future clients are, or will need to adopt green policy's to reduce their carbon footprint whilst maintaining cost effectiveness.


Your project can therefore be delivered using less resources allied with minimal disruption to site surroundings.

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