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Gateway 36 Industrial Units visit 3


Howard Civil Engineering 


Rockingham, Barnsley

In Phase Three of the Gateway 36 project, UKScrapers continued our collaboration with Howard Civil Engineering LTD, furthering our contribution to the development. This phase involved the relocation of the surcharge mound, which had undergone a meticulous settling process under the guidance of Howards' engineers and their consultants, Lithos.

Once the engineers deemed the original surcharge mound ready, the decision was made to move it to a secondary area located approximately 500 meters away. The purpose of this relocation was to create another surcharge in preparation for the construction of two large industrial units. UKScrapers swiftly mobilized our team and embarked on the challenging task.

With remarkable efficiency and precision, we successfully moved not only the 70,000 cubic meters of material from the original surcharge mound but also an additional 50,000 cubic meters of virgin ground to the new location designated for the surcharge mound. Throughout the process, our experienced operators skillfully utilised GPS technology to achieve the precise levels required for the excavations and the construction of the new mound.

Completing this mammoth task within a month and a half was a testament to the expertise and dedication of our team, working seamlessly alongside Howard Civil Engineering LTD. By effectively relocating the surcharge mound we played a crucial role in ensuring the ground was adequately prepared for the subsequent construction phase. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results within the specified time frame demonstrates our ability to work collaboratively and efficiently on complex projects.

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