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Professional Group LTD


City Fields, Wakefield

Former Wakefield Power Station 

UKScrapers had the opportunity to work alongside Professional Group on the former Wakefield power station site, which was being prepared for housing development by Stonebridge Homes LTD. The job involved stripping remaining topsoil and vegetation, moving and managing stockpiles of stone, and excavating and moving red shale in localised areas for compaction in layers.

Our team worked closely with Professional Group's earthmoving operations to ensure the job was done efficiently and safely. The compaction process was carried out using a combination of towed and self-driven rollers. Professional Group completed the site compaction testing to ensure the ground was correctly compacted.

The site had been partially cleared by Skillings LTD, a demolition contractor responsible for removing, handling, and crushing the concrete slabs that were the foundations of the former power station. UKscrapers assisted with the management of the stockpiles created during Skillings LTD's work.

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 19.04.49.png

The job on the former Wakefield power station site was crucial in preparing the land for housing development. Our team worked tirelessly to complete the necessary earthmoving and stockpile management tasks, ensuring the site was ready for the next phase of development. Part of the Project was done on Contract and part was completed through the hire of 2 UKS Gps Bulldozers.

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